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The New i6

Are you still wasting valuable time and money chasing oximetry results? Wouldn’t your staff and drivers be more productive concentrating on patient care, billing and compliance? If you have to pick-up your oximeter to get test results then you’re still wasting thousands of dollars yearly.


Providers make at least THREE trips to each patient during oxygen qualification:


1. Drop off oximeter at patient's home,
2. Pick-up oximeter from patient and return to office to download data, and
3. Return to patient's home to set-up oxygen if patient qualifies.


This doesn’t include any additional trips if testing failed the first time. Each of these trips cost $40-$75 based on how far the patient lives from your location. 



Introducing the new i6 “Real-Time” oximeter. The i6 works as part of a package which includes our FDA approved i6 wrist oximeter and the new OnD “Bridge” device. Together they collect and send oximetry data as your patient is being tested. Simply login to your account in the morning and see all the recorded sessions.

The <strong>OnD</strong>OnD Bridge


Using our new system, you make AT MOST only 2 trips to each patient:

1. Drop off oximeter at patient's home, and
2. Return to patient's home to pick-up the oximeter and set-up equipment if needed.


Now you can combine oximetry pick-up and patient set-up in one trip. Realize even more savings by taking the i6 from patient to patient without the need to return the units to the office for download. The i6 and Bridge are both equipment with rechargeable batteries and can be plugged in or recharged via USB connection at your facility or at the patient's home.


Our new Real-Time oximetry platform will also provide your marketing reps an added tool in promoting your respiratory services.  Our web interface is designed to be used with smart phones and tablets.  Orders can now be entered from anywhere allowing your marketing reps and clinical staff to enter and process orders while in the field resulting in quicker turn-around times for qualifications.


How Does it Work?

Our devices use the 3G and 4G cellular networks to transmit oximetry data to our secure server as the patient is being tested. The devices are simple to use and only requiring the patient to just turn the units “On”. Testing pauses automatically when your patient takes breaks and resumes automatically within 2 minutes when in range. Auto shut-off allows the units to turn off if not in use.


How do I get Oximetry Results?

Simply log in to your Control Panel using your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Yes, now you can enter, track and complete your oximetry orders without being confined to your office or a P.C. Log in to view available sessions for your patient and click “Save” to complete the order. All recorded data will then be processed and posted immediately for viewing.


How Much Does It Cost?

The i6 package includes:

1. i6 wrist oximeter,
2. OnD Bridge Device, and
3. One-year data plan.


Is This System Reliable and Compliant?

OnD’s Real-Time oximetry platform has undergone extensive testing throughout the nation. Our platform transmits to our secure server using unique device identification numbers and twice the level of encryption coding required by HIPAA. Written performance measures show providers reporting substantial reductions in qualification costs and increased productivity from staff members who no longer waste valuable time processing tests.



When Can I Get One?

The complete i6 package is now available for sale in the OnD online store. Please click on Our Products to view purchase options.

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