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i7 real-time oximeter

Overnight Diagnostics (OnD) is launching a new service which will allow supplier to receive overnight oximetry data instantly while the test is being performed. Suppliers will no longer have to pick-up their oximeter to get results.


Now you can simply check your OnD Control Panel in the morning to verify patient qualification or be notified if testing was too short or failed. Our simple process will allow suppliers to eliminated costly scheduling and traveling expenses to and from patients. If your patient qualified for oxygen services then combine patient set-up and oximetry pick-up in one trip. If testing failed then simply contact your patient by phone and request the patient to redo testing for the following night.


Introducing the <strong>OnD</strong> NOSLEEP Til-0801. Real-Time Oximeter
Test results transferred instantly without the hassle or expenses of trips back and forth to your patients. Register now for a free trial of the i7 and see for yourself how easy overnight oximetry should be. Register Now

How Does it Work?

The OnD i7 is a compact (3 ½"L x 2"W x 1"H) wrist pulse oximeter which transfers test data instantly while a patient is being tested.

Unlike traditional overnight oximeters, the OnD i7 does not need to be picked up from the patient and returned to the office for data upload. Instead, all data is transferred in "Real Time" to OnD's secure site for processing. Test results will then be available for viewing on your Control Panel when testing is done. Getting overnight oximetry results is no longer a guessing game. Suppliers can now check on-line to see if a test was performed successfully. If not, then simply contact your patient by phone to repeat testing. If testing is successful the i7 can be picked up from the patient at the same time as equipment set-up or taken from one patient to the next instead of ever needing to come back to the office.


How Much Does it Cost?

The OnD i7 can be purchased through our site for $399. In addition, each unit will need to connect to a secure network for the transmittal of testing data. The fee for unlimited use of the network is $29.99 per month for each i7 unit. Network services are provided on a monthly basis and can be discontinued at any time.


Will Our Facility Save Money?

Maintenance costs for the i7 total $29.99 per month. Suppliers deciding if the i7 is right for you should consider office and traveling expenses associated with scheduling, delivery and pick-up of traditional oximeters from your patients. Potential savings include:

1. Elimination of office and driver expenses to and from the patient for any failed tests
2. Elimination of office costs for uploading an oximeter
3. Savings resulting from combining equipment delivery and oximetry pick-up in one trip

Suppliers report 15-20% less expenses with the reduction of wasted trips and failed tests. If your facility is experiencing similar results then each traditional oximeter replaced with an OnD i7 will potentially save hundreds of dollars per year in overhead costs and rescheduling hassles.


When Can I Get One?

The i7 oximeter is currently being processed by the FDA for approval. Providers will be alerted on the availability of this unit via email. Please click on the "Register Now" link below to enter your contact information for the i7 Preorder list and we will keep you posted regarding availability of sample units and this items launch date.

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