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Overnight Diagnostics (OnD) is a Medicare approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) providing overnight pulse-oximetry testing and home sleep testing nationwide. Discover the advantages of OnD and why hundreds of physicians and suppliers have already made the switch.


Manage orders faster with your 'Control Panel'
OnD's Control Panel was designed to allow users to create, edit, and track orders faster. New orders are entered in seconds using auto-fill technology. Pending orders are sorted by "Status" with clear instructions on what to do next. "Alerts" keep you posted on possible errors. No more scrolling through pages or reading tiny text.

Data Processed Electronically Within Minutes
Why wait hours or days to get results? OnD's ordering system takes advantage of bar-coding technology to process new orders. Faxed prescriptions, patient authorization forms, and uploaded test results are processed within minutes. Data is reviewed for errors and uploaded to your Control Panel for immediate viewing.

System Compatible with most popular oximeters
We maintain an extensive list of uploadable oximeters compatible with OnD's system. We also add new models whenever possible.

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E-store with low-cost oximeters
Save hundreds on new oximeter purchases. Purchase superior oximeters for a fraction of the cost of Respironics, Nonin, or other uploadable units.

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Use the Browser of Your Choice
Overnight Diagnostics is the first IDTF to run on the JAVA platform. Now, in addition to Internet Explorer, you have the freedom to use Google Chrome, FireFox, and other browsers used with Windows.

Over 200 Insurance Carriers Accepted
OnD processes tests for patients covered under Medicare, Medicaid, BC/BS plans, Aetna, United, and over 200 other carriers. Just pick the plan and we do the rest. If we can't process your order, we take the extra step to find who will and contact you with the carrier's preferred provider!

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Real-time Oximetry Services
Eliminate expenses associated with picking up oximeters with unusable or incomplete data. Gain a new marketing tool for increasing overnight pulse oximetry referrals. Our system can potentially save thousands of dollars yearly in gas, technician, and maintenance costs while focusing on growth. Shop Now